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Responsible Business Model

For some the word responsibility and its content defines burden , giving all control to others in private and business life, continuing to live life as what happens along with the period. Others see the effect of every single choice they make in this world on themselves and the whole, so they own the consequences of their own actions by respecting both others and themselves. It is the perfect way for me to adopt a responsible business model in order to be ethical in the business world.

While I support the change in overproduction and consumption in textile fashion, I think that this should not only remain at the production level, but should regress to the collection design stage. We can ask ourselves the question of what fabrics and design processes and options we use to reduce the environmental impact of the product we’re making and how we can reduce its environmental footprint.

Just like a bakery which does not buy and stock more than the product it can sell daily, and does not want the flour and water it spends to be wasted, we must accept that cotton flowers and water are wasted while producing more than we can sell in textile just for variety. If we keep in mind that 2700 liters of water is consumed for a cotton t-shirt, from planting the cotton to being sold as a product, we can make better choices when designing, producing and purchasing. And though not immediately, we can entrust a better world to future generations in coming days.


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