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Know What You Wear

All products designed under ANCQA.EI9 quality International Laboratory
(UL VS Laboratory Services Inc.).


We test all our products before presenting them to you with the determined committees, aiming to provide the necessary controls to produce quality, health-compatible products for the sector.


Harmful dyes and chemicals are not used in ANCQA.EI9 products.
About Us

Harmful dyes and chemicals (carcinogenic substances) are not used in our products. It is important for the materials used in the textile industry to be resistant to external factors that they are exposed to during use, both in terms of customer satisfaction and company reliability. That's why we take precautions by conducting quality control tests before putting our products on sale.

The purpose of our tests; these tests to evaluate whether the quality of textile products meets the requirements of the specified standards; provides secure scientific control. With these methods, we test each of our products before putting them on sale, taking into account your health.


We care about your health.

The common purpose of all the tests we carry out is to base my textile production in accordance with the environment and human health. Applying tests within the framework of certain rules gives effective results. The chemicals used in the process until the final state of the textile product and the waste state constitute the main lines of the studies on ecological textile products.

Made of cotton and other fibers, production of fiber from textile products, fiber processing, pretreatment, dye printing, finishing, high finishing processes, packaging and materials used in this process, chemical substance and waste state of the product can be harmful to the environment and human health. we produce our products in accordance with your health and sensitive to the environment.

We accept quality and service as a whole.

We support an understanding that sees quality as a customer satisfaction-oriented common success of every department within the whole. It is our biggest goal to work with the brand, the customer and all the elements in between, in a teamwork and an attitude that supports each other.

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