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Amazon Collection

Mystery is an inevitable part of life. Even today, 20% of the land on Earth still remains unexplored, containing the possibility of both danger and beauty. Yet it is that 20% that makes humans feel like nomads, and it is the 80% that makes them feel at home.

The Amazon is just like life. It is full of dangers, yet provides a home to wildlife. The purpose of our Amazon Collection is to provide the safety of usual daily clothing and yet challenge our customers to explore the uncharted with our unique, out-of-norm colors and designs.

 Find the mystery that suits you and your character with our new Amazon Collection. Ultimately, it is the mystery that gives life purpose.


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Wild West Collection

Vahşi Batı’da kurallar geçersizdir. Canlılar doğayı benimser, kurallarını da ona göre şekillendirir. Hayatta kalmak için her canlı, kendi kurallarını kendi koyar. 
İnsanın kendi benliğinin ve değerinin gittikçe arka plana atıldığı yeni modern düzende ise insanın kendini yeniden yaratması şarttır. 
Vahşi Batı koleksiyonumuzla insanın kendisini yeniden yaratmasını ve haşin dünyada kendi kurallarını, kendisinin koymasını hedefliyoruz. Vahşi Batı koleksiyonunun sunduğu renkler, detaylar ve duygularla kendi görünüşünüzü ortaya koyun. Kendi modanızı, kendiniz yaratın ve kuralları siz koyun. Tıpkı Vahşi Batı’da olduğu gibi...

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Aviator Collection

Aren't we all dreamers? We now travel on airplanes as only one man dreamed of flying, like children who grew up dreaming of becoming pilots.

Behind all inventions are people's dreams. What more can we do, how can we make the world experience more beautiful, how high can we go up.

One day, when we fly up to that height and look down, we can see how small we are in this world. And our worldview will never be the same again.

As Leonardo da Vinci said: “Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”

Until you spread your wings, you will never know how far you can fly.

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Highland Collection

“Her insan ölür ama her insan yaşamaz.”

"Hayat, elinizden gelenin en iyisini yapmak ve verebileceğinizden daha azını vermek için çok kısa. Başkaları senden en iyisini hak ettiği için değil, sen hak ettiğin için. Kendini tamamen kendin olarak gösterme fırsatını reddetmek, potansiyelini inkar etmektir. Kalbinizi ve zihninizi ortak bir göreve verin…"

"Doğaya saygı duymak gibi ortak bir misyonu paylaşıyoruz ve amacımız tüm insanlara elimizden gelenin en iyisini vermek için sorumluluk ve tutkuyla hizmet etmek."

Çünkü Umursuyoruz.

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Atlantis Collection

For some, Atlantis is the story of God's love:

Legend says that the city of Atlantis was built by Poseidon, the God of the seas, storms, and earthquakes, when a mortal woman fell in love with Cleito. To protect him, he built this city on a hill, on an uninhabited island in the sea, and named it Atlantis. “…. And one unfortunate day and night the island of Atlantis disappeared into the depths of the sea.

"PLATEAU; 360 BC. We have used the names of all philosophers in this collection, Atlantis and the wisdom and love it represents will rise again one day…

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Scouts Collection

"Scouting teaches us to be alone with nature…"

"Scouting teaches us to be alone with nature and to survive without hurting anyone with our own skills. We need to learn how to coexist, not consuming irresponsibly but caring and supporting universal contribution. Sustainable and a low-production collection with natural fibres which are durable, reminds us of our own durability."
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Wimbledon Collection

"Tennis is mostly a mental game."

"You either win or lose before you hit the court. Life is also a game, what matters is how you play; Do we play to win or not to lose? We produce with respect for the planet's resources and play to win."
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Ivy League Collection

"Classic Men's Elegance from the Past..."

"Current reflection of classic men’s elegance from the past reminds us of the smell of dusty library shelves and the memories and enthusiasm we shared with our friends. It says that we will always be a student in this life and that we shouldn’t stop learning and improving ourselves."
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Safari Collection

"Freedom, Adventure and Infinity…"

“It’s really beautiful! It feels like God visits everywhere else, but lives in Africa.” (Will Smith)

"The feeling of being one and whole with the planet, freedom, adventure and infinity connects us to our roots."
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Phoenix Collection

"The Brand's First Collection, Phoenix..."

"The brand's first collection, the phoenix rising from its ashes, heralds change and innovation. The basic parts of the men's wardrobe have been updated in accordance with the sustainability requirement of the new age."
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