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Changing Shopping Habits During The Pandemic

Along with the introduction of the pandemic into our lives at the beginning of the year, our changing routines, our lifestyle, and our shopping habits and preferences have also changed. Those of us who seek control in times of uncertainty have begun to shop more purposefully and consciously. In addition to the question of "how" and "where" consumers shop, the answer to the question "why" also changes. Not only the price, but the search for value came to the fore, and product quality and value began to take precedence over price. The most important pillars of being a brand are continuity, openness and consistency, and I definitely think that it helps to gain the trust and loyalty of the consumer in changing shopping habits.

Along with this, the desire to support domestic manufacturers and domestic brands began to increase. Street stores and local stores began to be in demand again. I certainly think it is good for the sense of belonging to support its own local economy instead of buying the products of world-famous brands in big shopping malls. Recent research and surveys done confirm the same information.

Finally, the rise of e-commerce along with curfews is an issue that needs to be evaluated and paid attention to. Now it's also time to make changes about the websites, too. Although it is not easy to convey the customer experience and the soul on online sites, I believe that applications that make us feel good and tell the story of the brand will be introduced into our lives in a very short time with technological means. Live sales experience, for example Zoom sales can be quite fun.

If we can evaluate this period along with the opportunities, first; we can make a difference as domestic brands, second; we can keep the domestic economy alive by supporting domestic brands. It seems that the pandemic has also paved the way for the transformation that should take place in changing shopping habits.


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