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Is Sustainable Fashion a dream?

In the world of fashion, consumption and consumer are two words that are used and known more than the word sustainable. As we don’t know its meaning, it is a word that cannot be used in a sentence. First of all, what does sustainable mean? A word whose dictionary meaning is -which is found to be permanent, which allows to be continued. In other words, it means that it provides continuity rather than consuming and destroying. This continuity applies both to the resources of the planet and to the long-term use of every product that is produced. While sustainable fashion isn't exactly a dream, it doesn't seem like it will happen anytime soon. A radical change is needed, but in order to do this, before all, it is necessary to understand the topic well.

It is one of the primary steps for people who produce by using the resources of the planet, it means every producer, to explain this to those who consume. While advertising a product by explaining how comfortable and useful it is to sell, making a note of how it is produced, even in one sentence, can increase the awareness of consumers. The new world order forces people to learn new words. That’s so lovely.


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