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Why Do We Dress or Not Dress?

Have you ever wondered why the majority of successful people wear the same clothes every day? Steve Jobs, Marc Zuckerberg, Barrack Obama and Cem Yılmaz and Acun Ilıcalı who are prominent in our country are the first ones that come up to my mind. Here are some notes from the mouths of successful people on why they chose a capsule cabinet.

When being asked, Barack Obama replied, “You see, the suits I wear are just grey and blue. I try to reduce the number of things that I have to decide, because I have to make very important decisions other than eating and dressing.”

Mark Zuckerberg is known for wearing grey. I just say grey t-shirts but dozens of t-shirt capsule cabinets belonging to the Brunelli Cuccinelli brand, which costs 300-400 dollars each makes up his cabinet. Zuckerberg explains why: “I try to keep my vital decisions as simple as possible. This way, I can channel the time I spend on small details into big decisions about services.”

Steve Jobs, one of the most famous, decided to dress in a monotype during a trip to the Sony factory in Japan in the 80s. While touring the factory, he notices that everyone wears a monotype uniform and asks the factory manager why. And the manager replies that they do it to avoid distracting people and increase their work efficiency, and they are very successful. People can only focus on their work, without thinking what they are wearing.

What is interesting thing about the research is the fact that that I have not come across a successful woman who dresses in such a monotype/ uniform and color. As far as I know and heard in his interview, Prada, the founder and designer of Prada and Miu Miu brands, made uniforms for himself and preferred monotype clothes that he changed from time to time and dressed in this way.

It was a very depressing research for a person like me, who dresses in a variety of colors and styles. Then I tried to understand why they chose the monotype. What is dressing really all about

As we witness around us, people have many reasons to dress. Those who dress for status, those who dress to show their rebellious side, those who dress to show their colorful world, those who dress to show their simplicity and naturalness, and those who dress to say I'm different from everyone else. Those who want to show their inner child, those who want to show their inner man or woman. Even those who don't care about what they wear have a message, they say that it doesn't matter how I look. “You guys just pay attention to me.”

For me, dressing is a form of expression, expressing yourself without speaking.

In any form, whether it's just grey or black, the colors of the rainbow, sports or childish… Everyone wants to reflect themselves to the world. If you want to see how the people around you want to introduce themselves to the world, you just have to pay attention starting now.

So who are you and how do you want the world to get to know you?


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