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Is A New Subculture Emerging in Fashion?

Vikipedia said; ‘A subculture is a definition of a culture that develops without breaking with the dominant culture, but separating it at various important points. The source of the subculture can be based on a certain age group, the origin, race, economic class, gender of the members, and the elements that determine the subculture are usually the aesthetic, religious, professional, political and sexual perspectives of the group.’

The way subcultures express themselves has actually been through fashion, that is, clothing. The subculture of motorcyclists, which we call rocker, which started in England in the 50s, emerged out of necessity and practicality and showed itself with leather jackets, military boots, staples, white scarves. Hippie subculture, on the other hand, is a youth culture that adopted a more comfortable and free lifestyle that opposed social order, consumption and violence in the 60s and 70s and wanted to reflect this. It's shabby, colorful, comfortable and shapeless. Hip-hopers, on the other hand, are my favorites, the young people who created the subculture of black America starting in New York and extending to LA, they almost say that we are bigger than you see us with the loose clothes they wear.

It's called a subculture, but I think it's all these new movements that have emerged as a supracultural expression.

We live in a world that wants to fit us into a single prototype, generalizes and thus easily manipulates us. Wanting to exist as a community, a country, a race and a culture gives us a sense of belonging, which is a basic human need. As good as it may sound, this limits and makes us conservative. You feel obliged to abide by the rules created by the community you belong to, otherwise you will have to abandon the identity that you have taken from where you belong, excluded, empty. In order not to experience this, you sacrifice your own freedom and start the betrayal of your truth.

We are all unique beings, we are different from each other with each of our features. In this period when communication is at its highest, everyone wants to be understood. And thus, supracultural expressions are formed, usually initiated by young people.

Now I think we are in one of those periods, on the one hand, there is the old version of the world we lived in. Overconsumption, overproduction, hostility, choices we make without caring about our planet and universal contribution. While we think that we live freely in the modern world, we, who are dependent on mobile phones, actually continue to live in social patterns.

However, there is now a group of people who want to change the order and are aware that a new era is coming. In pursuit of sustainability, respectful of nature and people. A high culture that equates animal rights with human rights, believes in love more than fear, is aware of human value and what it can do, and cares about future generations and what they will leave to them.

The choices and expressions of this high culture have already begun to form as follows; 100% organic fabrics, belief in the concept of circular textiles, 2nd hand buying and selling, products produced with natural dyes and yarns obtained from nature, more expensive clothes that can be worn for a longer period of time instead of cheap disposables. A basic, simple yet expressive style that expresses our higher consciousness. Of course, these are just what we can see in terms of fashion. In addition, we will be watching an upper/lower culture where we will begin to see more innovations and transformations in our general lifestyles.


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