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Shopping is great. It’s a pleasure to see the designers’ imagination, colours ,models and details they used. You feel yourself refreshed and precious once you wear the models produced by an incredibly huge teamwork as a result of great effort. You look forward to seeing the new season and you draw up budget accordingly.

Products that are produced are also highly valued and have the chance to meet up with their loved ones all through the discountless season. In the meantime, fast fashion speeding up this period just like its name, gives a minimum chance to the products which have been produced by huge effort. Thus with short intervals, room is made for new products.

It will perhaps sound strange but at the first season openings, I always feel that products shine and feel the energy coming out of it. You don’t have the heart to touch them but a month later when it’s seasonal discount time, they are cast aside, tucked and discounted. Once I enter the store I deeply feel their misery.

In my opinion we should allow longer sales time to the products which have been produced by masterwork worldwide using the planet’s resources.

There is overconsumption as a result of dissatisfaction in buyers’ and brands’ ambition of sales but it’s never too late. We can always be a part of the change. We can start asking ourselves the following questions. This makes us to become responsible buyers and thus we would have diminished excessive consumption and reduced environmental footprint.

Do I really need this?

• Does this product fit me?

• Is the product wash-resistant? Up to how many?

• Is the fabric of good quality and fit for long term use?

• How many times will I wear this?

This list goes on…and plus are the tests against carcinogen being made? Fabrics and accessories of the models that have been produced may highly be harmful to the skin. I guess these are the further steps. Nevertheless I’m extremely optimistic and hopeful, although slow I believe that we are moving towards those days.


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