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Cheap And Fast Fashion Is Actually So Expensive!

My biggest objective is to revive the fashion look of the past in my own collections. If we want to look at the past, there is no need to go too far back in fact, just 20-30 years ago, the concept of fashion and clothing was completely different. Dressing required care, it was valuable indeed. Tailors were highly respected and their sewing were appreciated. There were hand embroideryon our shirts and our sweaters were hand knitted. Every piece of work we wore had a value. It was produced with care and sparingly, and was worn for a long time being aware of its value. The fabric was as important as the model itself. Time to time models were made just for the beauty of the fabric. Cloth weavers produced the most beautiful fabrics with the finest yarns. There were natural fibers back then, silks, wool and linen. Fabrics knitted from yarn made from Egyptian cotton and sometimes from plants. As they were natural, they were durable and lived with those who wore them. Over time, the fabric also stopped seeing the value it actually deserved.

Everything is getting faster and cheaper now. We started to get bored with what we were wearing very quickly, durability and quality fell into the background. Instead of buying one, we could get five different ones. As the preference increased, unnatural cheap yarns began to be produced. Natural dyeing methods have been replaced by chemical dyes.

The single-use model was started to be implemented. Unfortunately, this system still continues without realizing that buying cheap is actually more expensive.

It hasn’t been long since we began to see that cheap goods require cheap labor. Low-paid workers, child workers, maybe illegal workers. We can’t talk about apprenticeship in the textile industry anymore. Producing clothes has stopped to be counted as a profession. Just to make money, we had to accept average type qualities by people who didn't have the ability to sew. We produce more to make it even cheaper so we can pile them high and sell them cheap. However the result is still more expensive, because we are depleting the planet's resources.

All of these have only one result: cheap production and fast fashion cost us a lot. Nature, we humans and future generations pay the price.


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